by Michela Greco - 711th Human Performance Wing


WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- Exercise physiologists from the 711th Human Performance Wing's Human Effectiveness Directorate's Applied Neuroscience Branch (711 HPW/RHCP) are in Miami, Florida this week to conduct a study with Ed Downs, an America Council of Exercise certified trainer who owns the Elite Athletes Performance Facility in Miami, Florida, and trains several professional athletes including members of the Miami Heat basketball team. The study will evaluate a novel physical training program based on functional adaptive response training, which is thought to improve decision making during physical stress.


Downs will demonstrate his specialized training program at his athletic facility using one of his NBA all-star clients--Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat. RHC will work with Downs and Bosh in a cognitive task analysis which will uncover broader applications of this training, including feasibility of its employment in the domain of the Air Force special operations. A research program implementing the training based on this concept is planned for later this year.

Dr. Ed Eveland, Dr. Erica Johnson, and Dr. Mark Derriso--all RHC team members--will return after a week of tests with plans to discuss their findings further. Please stay tuned for more information regarding this study.